Investment services are the compass and map of your financial plan. Guiding individuals and businesses towards their financial goals, sound retirement or aiming to grow your wealth for future generations. My investment services offer expertise, tools, and strategies to make those dreams a reality.

I am a financial broker changing the way people look at money through education.

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Each product was carefully selected to provide peace of mind for any unforeseen accidents or illnesses that may arise.
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Build your foundation

Life insurance is the foundation that your financial house will be built on. Having a solid base will provide security against future financial collapse. More and more Canadians are relying on sites like gofundme to pay for funerals and final expenses. A proper financial plan will eliminate any worry and provide you with peace of mind.

Did you know...

  • Did you know that half of Canadians aged 55-65 who don't have an employer pension have less than $3,000 saved up for retirement.
  • The ratio of debt to disposable income in Canada is currently 177.1% as of 2020. That means for every dollar Canadians make they are spending $1.77 to service their debt!
  • A new survey highlighting the fact almost half of working Canadians are living paycheque-to-paycheque. For most of us, retiring before age 60 will be a pipe dream if we don't learn to invest our money correctly.
  • $94B is owing to companies like Visa, Mastercard, Hudson's Bay, Canadian Tire and the Brick.
  • 32% of Canadians between 45-64 have nothing saved for retirement.
  • 23% of Canadians answered that they are not at all prepared financially if they pass away too soon.
  • 65% of Canadians would struggle within a month of the main breadwinner passing.
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"Mario takes the time to get to know you and your financial goals. He also makes complicated financial information easy to understand. After a couple of sessions with him, my financial GPS was set for a better future."

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"Mario showed me a different side to business and what I could do for myself and my family. Working with Mario has been nothing short of amazing. With Mario's guidance and training, I've grown so much personally and professionally!"

Brianna Wright

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