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WynnFinancial is a Canadian born Financial firm. Dedicated in being an industry leader in debt elimination, insurance and investment products through financial education, integrity and honesty.

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WynnFinancial is a team of advisors dedicated to creating a personalized approach to finance. Through a comprehensive analysis and detailed educational approach, we commit to helping our clients cut the cost of insurance and eliminate debt so they can invest for their future with ease and comfort.

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Our educate-and-implement approach to finance will leave you feeling confident and secure about your future. Through our discovery call and free advanced analysis, we are going to take the time to get to know you, find areas to save you money, eliminate debt, kickstart your investment and generate wealth all through an easy to follow customized financial map. Our team will provide you with ongoing support to make sure you stay on track and focused on reaching your goals.
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We make it easy - here's our process

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We give you a free analysis
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" When I met the team at WynnFinancial I was heavily in debt and overwhelmed with my financial situation. They instantly treated me like family and simplified the process. I am now debt and worry free. "

Leanna DeCicco

" My first session with WynnFinancial was amazing! Mario made me feel super comfortable by taking the time to explain everything in detail, something I haven’t experienced working with others in finance before. "

Christina Paruag


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